Our brilliant Jesus tells us to not judge or else we will be judged.

And so we imagine, somewhere down the road,  a robed figure with a gavel assessing our life and giving the verdict.

Somewhere down the road……..we miss the NOW.

We miss the truth that no one ever gets away with anything.

To use James K Smith’s words:

“What you do does something to you.” 

It may not be visible initially, but given enough time and the person who judges will take the judgment into themselves. At that point, they cease to be merely a judgemental person who occasionally chooses black and white from the full spectrum of colors. They have become “judge”; only capable of seeing black and white. Judge not, lest ye become judgified….

Life gets pretty dang small right about then because it is no longer something to be lived, it is something to be evaluated and compared.

And that is not all.

With judgment present everywhere inside of you, you now believe it is present just as thoroughly everywhere. What started out as a character flaw has become “just how it is”.  You exist in an atmosphere of judgment.

Everyone is talking about you.

Everyone is evaluating you.

Everyone is judging you.

You become very, very, paranoid.

So listen to Jesus. Don’t judge!

Not just because He is always right, but because to not listen to Him is to inject poison into your veins.

As E. Stanley Jones says:

“We don’t break God’s laws, we break ourselves on them.” 

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