I first noticed my incredible gift when our kids were in diapers.

All I had to do was grab the straps of those little OSH KOSH B’GOSH overalls and slow them down for a second and I’d just KNOW if they were poopy or not.

I began to get a reputation as someone who had incredible discerning powers when it came to the presence of poop. And it wasn’t just specific to my kids! If there was any kind of crap present. I could smell it almost instantly.

And oh, the gratitude people expressed as I identified all the poop all over the place. Kept many people from stepping in it, I did.  Hardly anyone moved an inch.  My discernment was paralyzing.

Then someone came along and told me it didn’t really take discernment to smell poop. That I was mistaking having a nose for having discernment.

They said:

“Discernment is more about finding treasure than finding fault.”

They had the audacity to claim you can’t be discerning and fearful at the same time.  They suggested maybe the reason I was so good at smelling poop is not that I was discerning. It was because I was scared.

I wasn’t so sure. Something was starting to smell funny.

But before I could exercise my gift of discernment and pass judgment on them….they pressed on, having the audacity to suggest people who are only looking for what stinks are doing this because they know what to do with what they find. Discovering poop is never life-changing.

But, find new treasure and you will probably have to change. Especially if you find something beautiful. The discovery of beauty is always life-changing. Beauty is undomesticated – you can’t tame it or it ceases to be beauty. And untamed, it has its way with us.

Continuous transformation will be the true fruit of discernment as consistent encounters with beauty bring personal growth.

I was kind of lost so they summarized for me:

Where scared people smell poop and stay the same, discerning people see beauty and grow.

That helped.









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