Stopped to visit friends of my parents. The kind of stop you make to save a few bucks on a hotel and so your dad will stop telling you how much it would mean if you stopped in to see the “Chambers”.  So you stop in to see the Chambers.

The Chambers treat us like royalty.

Their genuine delight to host us is overwhelming.

Especially since we are pretty much strangers. I haven’t spent any real time with them for over 30 years but their joy in our presence and the hospitality in the atmosphere has me on the verge of tears for most of our evening together.

And then Cathy Chambers says this:

“We love you because of who your parents are.” 

It was a funny thing to say and she would end up saying it four times. Every time it had a seismic effect on my soul as holy tremors reverberated. The Holy Spirit was using that phrase to shift how I thought about a few things. I was wobbly.

I think she said it as frequently as she did because she was trying to understand why it was she felt so deeply about us. I suspect the power of her affection for us, surprised her. She knew she’d probably like us. she was surprised by her love for us.

It was a distinctly Christian kind of love – and this is why I was wobbly. It was love based on whose image we are made in and not because of anything we have done. She was surprised by it, we were blessed by it. Unmerited love poured out on us.

And it was so clearly blessing her. Why wouldn’t it?

It would be a beautiful way to go through life being consistently surprised by how much affection you have for people you hardly know. And you can I suppose.

Every single person you meet is made in the image of God and for that reason, they are worth loving.

Could you say to someone “I love you because the Holy Trinity are your parents?”

Can that work?

Yes, because we are not talking about cultivating a love for all mankind. Good luck with that. We are a pretty difficult bunch to love. Unless you adore our parents.

Then the love kind of just happens.



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