No suffering human being is helped by someone telling him that he has the same problems.

Open wounds stink and do not heal. 

Both of the above are from Henri Nouwen. They summarize the current sermon series we are in at PAC – although we haven’t used those exact words since I only found them today.

As we work our way through the bible imagining different wounded characters meeting with Jesus and being healed by his scars we’ve been saying things like:

Festering wounds don’t have the potential to heal others. Scars do. 

Sharing wounds allows for empathy. Sharing scars allows for empathy and victory.

We started with Adam’s shame (and my own). Then moved on to Cain’s jealousy. And now in week #3, we are getting ready to look at Jacob…..I’m having an interesting time with Jacob.

On the one hand, he is easy because we have way more material about Jacob to work with and a variety of potential wounds emerging. Deceit, control, fraud, worry, compromise, bargaining, and the lack of trust in God which underlies it all. And of course, there are various stages of redemption and grace to comment on as it all unfolds.

On the other hand, it’s a tough story to do justice to because the most decisive healing moment for him is during a divine encounter where he is dealt another wound.

Doesn’t tie up as neatly as I


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