You Build That Platform Dad!

Most interactions I have with my 16 year old daughter make me feel lucky.

I’m lucky she likes me.

I’m lucky she teases me.

I’m lucky she lets me tuck her in at night.

I’m lucky when she asks a question about something she is reading in the Bible.

I’m lucky to be the nervous passenger as she learns to drive.

I’m lucky to get to watch her play an important part in building her younger brother’s confidence.

I’m lucky she lets me kiss her on the forehead.

I’m lucky she took the time to read this and gave me permission to post it with a “you build that platform, dad!” 

Did I mention she teases me?

So I’m lucky.

But it hasn’t been blind luck. Surely, it is how it is with her, at least in part, because of things I’ve done?? Although, most of what I have done “right” has been to take the advice of older people I knew who had adult children who were flourishing.

I wrote some of that advice in a letter I’ve addressed to my 2002 self. Back when I was the new father of a baby girl with the most thick dark hair I ever saw on a baby. It turned out to be a longer letter than I thought it would be; too long for just one post.

So, with PAC’s Annual Father Daughter Banquet coming up on Feb 16, I’ll post them, one each day, leading up to the ticket deadline of Feb 11.

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